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Home Diagnostic Services

Avigna Diagnostics also has created a good name for itself not just in providing home diagnostic services. Home Diagnostic services provide almost all the services that physically going to a diagnostic lab does. Trained personnel from blood test centers in Hyderabad would come to one’s house to draw samples of blood and other specimens. For more info visit: Best Home Diagnostic … Continue reading Home Diagnostic Services

Advanced Medical Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad

  Avigna Diagnostics is one of the best advanced medical diagnostic centres in Hyderabad. The well-trained staff of Avigna Diagnostics provides diagnostic services complete with error-free results. Be it common medical diagnostic tests or advanced medical diagnostic tests such as MRI, Pap Smear, etc, they are trained to provide the most accurate results within the best time. In fact, … Continue reading Advanced Medical Diagnostic Center in Hyderabad

Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad 

Avigna Diagnostics testing services provide patients accurate and diagnostically meaningful results. To this end, strict quality control programs, both internal and external are incorporated into our laboratory process. While no medical testing should be considered routine, Avigna Diagnostics boasts a highly trained staff that is capable of accurate, professional service from the most basic of … Continue reading Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad 

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